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In Home Physicians and Mental Health Providers that Serve NWI

Housecall Doctors Dr. Saket Sinha (PCP) Dr. Sherese Dillion (Poditrist)

(219) 750-9497 Phone

(219) 359-3181 Fax

Patient Calls to Complete Initial Intake

Medical Providers will come to the Patients Home, Monday- Friday between 10 am and 5 pm

Dr. Jose Agusti (PCP)

(219) 472-0309 Phone

(219) 472- 0089 Fax

Accepts Medicare

Indiana Home Care Physicians

Dr. Irwin Gomez

(219) 980- 3181 Phone (219) 359-1837 Fax

Accepts Medicaid and Medicare

Serves Lake and Porter County

Aceso Visiting Physicians & Geriatric Care

Dr. Christine Teodori (PCP)

(219) 663- 4888 Phone

Dental Home Health

Compton and Broomhead

(219) 718-6684 Phone

(219) 836- 1174 Fax

Wednesdays and Thursdays Residences and Facilities X-Rays, Exams, Cleanings, Extractions

$200.00 Initial Exam and Cleaning $150.00 X-Rays

Visiting Vision

Dr. Ronald Fary

(219) 743-3309

$100.00 Cash Pay, Does not Bill Insurance

Leave a Message and he will call you back

Greenhouse Mental Health

(317) 362- 3298

Provides in Home Mental Health Counseling

Fax Face Sheet, Medication List, and MD Order

New Vista Behavioral Health

(219) 484-2143

Provides In-Home Social Work Consultations

Fax Face Sheet, Medication List, and MD Order

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