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Medication Management

Walgreens Express

(800) 345- 1985

Will mail prescriptions directly to your home.

Local Stores also offer delivery

Expedited Shipping Overnight $19.95

2 Day Air 12.95

3-5 Day $8.95

Standard Shipping 10 Days- Free

Walgreens Home Delivery

(877) 787-3047

10 Day Turn Around Time

Can deliver controlled substances

Accepts Most Medicare Policies



(Contact your local pharmacy and ask if they offer delivery service.)

(888) 607- 4287

Offers Prescription Delivery from Local Pharmacy

$8.99 Same Day Delivery

$4.99 1-2 Day Delivery

Pill Pack by Amazon

(855) 745-5725

Medication Organized into Daily Packets

Organizer is a 1 time fee of $15.00

Vyto’s Pharmacy

(Lake County Only)

(219) 801- 7566

Option 5

Medication is delivered to your door by a representative of the pharmacy.

$5.00 Flat Fee

Valparaiso Pharmacy


Offers Prescription Delivery for Free within the City Limits of Valparaiso


Medication Call Reminder

(855) 775-6965

Automated Calls to Remind Patients to take Medications

$20.00 a month

Med Minder

(888) 633- 6463

Pill Box that rings, lights up, calls on the phone, and texts/e-mails caregivers if medication is missed

Rented pill box + monitoring $70 a month

Medication Reminders Delivered via Smart Phones

My Therapy

Medlist Pro


Free to Download but may ask for in app purchases

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